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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

We are heading into the holidays with a small ice storm! School in Wabasso is getting out early today and then we have a four day weekend! Yippee! We plan on spending it visiting our families and helping the Canby Presbyterian Church serve turkey dinner to the community. And winterizing the farm. And weaving, I hope! I recently moved my large Glimakra countermarche loom and have it warped and ready to weave again! So exciting! Silk shawls for Christmas anyone?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving all of you, and may you be as grateful for all of your blessings as I am for mine!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Studio merger

This October, I married Joel McKinney and we are happily busy merging our lives and our studios. Joel is a fantastic sculptor, painter, architect, jeweler, designer, tile maker, and all around artist. We are now living on his farm near Walnut Grove and adding my fiber skills to create a new paradigm for ourselves at Blackhawk Studios. Look for great things to come in the future!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Weaving, new opportunites

Again it has been a long time between posts! I moved the retail store to another new location last Thanksgiving Day and am still turning around three times to get comfortable! I now have 1 floor loom, 2 tapestry looms and 2 spinning wheels and a rigid heddle loom there, all with projects lined up. We won't even talk about the knitting I have planned!

I have lots of exciting things happening in the "Art" sector of my life. I recently attended the Creative Capital "Professional Development Program" workshop in Wilmar with filmmaker Ela Troyano and revolutionary artist Dread Scott working as discussion leaders. Fascinating!

I have also been accepted into the "Work of Art" workshop series being presented by Springboard for the Arts of Minneapolis. I start the first of 10 classes next Tuesday evening at the SMAHC offices in Marshall, MN. The goal is to develop a strategic plan to have a profitable career as an artist.

Speaking of the SMAHC offices, they have recently been remodeled and now have Gallery space. I have been asked to be their second featured artist. My show opens on July 7th and will be up for viewing for 3 months. The reception is the evening of July 22nd, so come and say hi!

Naturally, I am desperately trying to get some brand new, never been seen weaving done for this show. The one pictured above is a rather large tapestry using all hand spun yarns. Let's create some stress in our lives! Wish me luck!