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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wow! It has been a while since I've posted here! Sorry for the long hiatus! I've had a busy Summer. Lot's of weaving and spinning, a couple booths at Fiber Fairs and many other projects. The tapestry project is moving along a bit. I've got some nice skeins of yarn spun. My Father, bless his heart, finally came in and scrubbed down the tapestry loom so it looks lovely. He also spent much time cleaning the rust off the reed with naval jelly and a toothbrush so it looks like new! I'm washing the canvas that was around the beams and then we're ready to warp! In the meantime, I have been weaving on my smaller tapestry loom. I'm trying some different techniques on a "sampler" that is turning out to be a nice little wall hanging. Here is a picture of that tapestry taken shortly after I started weaving. It's an abstract Mother and Child and the cartoon leaves lots of room for me to improvise while weaving.

I've also been doing lots of other weaving this Summer. The contract with Custom Woven Interiors keeps me busy. I've also converted the back beam to a sectional beam and have had some interesting times figuring out how to wind the warp on evenly. I have two other 8 harness looms warped with scarf and shawl projects and am trying to spend a little time with them. This weekend is the 2006 Art Meander and so I've been getting my studio/gallery ready for the crowds of people to come through (hope springs eternal). I'm also teaching a couple beginning knitting classes in the evenings. All told, I don't have much time to sit still. Guess I'd better get back to work!

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