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Thursday, September 10, 2009

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Hello everyone! Sorry for my long absence from this blog. I've had a busy few years. I've moved the store three times, trying to find a space that I can afford and is still viable for the business. I'm pretty sure that this one will stick. The visibility is great for the retail and parking is so easy! Drive right up to the front door. I also like having the studio at home, so I do a lot of the heavy lifting there. I just sent my daughter off to 5th grade, and am trying to settle into some sort of work routine. I'm still weaving for Kelly Marshall in the cities, so pound away on the heavy rep weave table runners and placemats. I'm also getting ready for Meander the first weekend of October. I also have a variety of smaller projects that I'm making for people and for sale. Occasionally, I even attempt some art work, and am embroidering on handwoven felt with silk and copper wire. I've been doing lots of interesting knitting projects - check out the website to see some of them! At home, I'm busy with five (yes, five!) new cats, the dog and the angora rabbit. Never a dull moment here, and always a furry face to love! Well, back to the loom! T.

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