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Monday, May 15, 2006

Getting the story out

Today I spent most of the morning putting my store back together from the show at Lake Elmo. We managed to get a booth space inside a building instead of sitting out under a picnic shelter all weekend. And a good thing, too! It rained for a good part of the time we were there. I had a fun couple of days, talked to a lot of people and even got a good bit of spinning done (often doing both simultaneously, which impressed some of the more casual observers "look - she's talking and spinning at the same time"). We got back late Sunday night and unpacked this morning.

This afternoon I had an interview with Cindy from the Marshall Independent to talk about this project and how it got started. We will probably see a story soon! I hoping people will start checking out this blog and come to the store to see how the weaving is progressing. Once I get the loom in. I haven't gotten the check from SMAHC yet. In the meantime, I must continue with my other weaving projects. Oh yes, and don't forget the gardening!


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