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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

spinning away!

Last night I settled in at my wheel again. I'm spinning a Jacob's sheep roving I've been saving for "something special" and this is it! The spinning is going quickly and well. I'm using a modified long draw and relaxing into a fairly consistant diameter and twist. The finished yarn will still have quite a bit of texture and I love the color! This roving has a stong dark brown and bright white carded side by side and is showing a lot of spiral variation as I spin it. This will be subdued a bit when I ply the yarn with the other spool, and blend even more when woven. I also have a taupe and a dark brown from this fleece that are more solid colored and will provide a nice contrast.

I heard from Charles at SMAHC today. Yesterday I sent the contract in, and they already have it. Unfortunately, I sent them my copy and kept the signed copy here. We're going to trade and they should have the real thing tomorrow. I knew it was going to be the paperwork in this project that would trip me up, I just didn't think it would start happening so soon. Heavy sigh!

I've also contacted the loom owner and she's excited that her loom is going back into service! It's been in her garage now for a couple years, but is still warped and ready to go. I'll have to remove the old warp and put on a fresh warp for my project, but it's reassuring that all the pieces will be there and together!


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