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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Today I'm finally back into my store/studio for the rest of the Summer. I'm not planning any more outside booth activities until the North Country Fiber Fair in September. I had a good week in Montevideo and saw lots of kids. In between the class sessions I sat and worked on the spinning wheel and talked to anyone who poked their heads in, so I actually got some spinning done. I'm ready to ply the black & white Jacobs sheep yarn - 2 bobbins pretty full. I'm also pretty close to being done with the white Mohair yarn. Hmmm - maybe I'll ply a little of the Jacobs with the Mohair to get a third color/texture.

I was thinking about trying to get the loom over here this weekend, but need to find an open bed pickup to carry it home. I think we'll leave it in the barn for a couple more weeks, and use the time to get some more spinning done and to make space in my studio.

A little side note - I was leafing through the newest Handwoven Magazine (May/June 2006) when the shipment arrived at Briar Rose Fibers, and saw an article about Jonelle Raffino of South West Trading Company. They sell the soy silk and ingeo (corn) fiber and yarn that I will be using in the project. Her picture is with the article and I was very pleased to see that she is wearing a scarf I wove for her with one of her experimental yarn blends of milk, silk, cashmere and bamboo. The fiber is a lovely white, but not very strong so I doubled it in the warp and weft and used a spot bronson pattern to give it some texture. I love her fibers and her company! You can link to their web site at . I also have several of their yarns for sale in the store, and can easily special order any of the yarns and colors listed at their site!

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  1. That's so cool that she is pictured wearing the scarf--I remember that one!

    The cover pattern on the new IW Knits is with Soy Silk too. I am really thinking about it, but not sure how it will look with my figure.

    If you think the loom would fit in the back of my van let me know--I can take all the seats out except the front. Anything in the name of fiber.