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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I have the loom!

OH MY! All of a sudden, everything came together on Saturday evening! My Dad and I borrowed a pickup and drove the 66 miles round trip to Tokheim's, loaded the loom in the back and had it in the store by 9 PM. Here's a picture of the loom in the back of the pickup in front of the barn where it's been stored for the last few years. The second picture is what I could see of the loom through the back window of the pickup on the way home. Yes it was tied down, and yes I spent a good part of the trip watching it to make sure that it didn't blow away. It's fairly heavy, but still only took two people to get it out of the truck and into my store. Once inside though, we had to find room for it! It's looking pretty good lined up next to my big countermarch production loom. Now I need to give it a thorough cleaning and take off the old warp. I did pick up some Murphy's Oil Soap which is great for washing finished wood, but have been busy finishing up some other projects. Soon!

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